Anna Launches Mayoral Campaign to Activate Tulsa’s Churches in Community’s Root Challenges

“Statistics are now showing us that when a child is raised in a broken home,” says Anna Falling, “His chances are much greater to grow up to commit crimes, end up in the criminal justice system, and cost taxpayers more than $1 million dollars over the years in police costs, jail costs, welfare and food stamps, and eventually disability costs. Now multiply that by thousands of growing children who are suffering from worse conditions of crime and poverty, and then multiply that by the annual growing rate of crime and incarceration, and you can see why each year the budgets on the City, State and National levels can no longer can handle the core problems of the community.”

“Streets, community infrastructure and job creation efforts all will continue to lose the funding needed each year because of the spiraling crime and poverty costs.”

Standing in front of the ministry she and her husband founded in 1996, Falling said the growth of Cornerstone Assistance Network to serve hundreds of area churches to provide more than 161,000 acts of assistance, is the kind of movement that must be done now on the City of Tulsa level.

“It is no longer an option but to call together the churches of this city, along with other community organizations, to address the core issues that have resulted in greater crime rates, higher government costs, and band-aid decisions that have exasperated problems even worse decade by decade. The problems of this city and the people’s remaining wellness cannot continue without this foundational core change in the way our issues are addressed.”

“Nationally, we now hear that we are no longer a Christian nation . well Tulsa is still a Christian city – a city on a hill – a beacon to the nation. My questions to you: will we continue to follow the national trends or will we set the trend and reverse the damage that has been wrought on the families, the children and the future of this city?”

Anna Falling, MBA, is co-founder and executive director of the Tulsa County Work Opportunity Recovery Centers, co-founder and board member of the Community Sharehouse (the Furniture Bank of Tulsa County). She is also co-founder of the Tulsa Cornerstone Assistance Network and served as its executive director. Anna served as a Tulsa City Councilor from 1998-2000, and as vice-president of planning and development at Falling Tree Enterprises, Inc. a Native American-owned company. She served on the board of Habitat for Humanity for three years and was chair of the Family Nurture Committee, and served on the board of directors of Parent Child Center. Anna graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelors in English and history, was a professor at China’s Yantai University and a liaison to the U.S. Embassy in China, earned her MBA from Oklahoma City University, and is a Leadership Tulsa graduate. She has been an active member of First United Methodist Church of Tulsa for 25 years, and is now also active at Wesley United Methodist in north Tulsa where her husband serves as senior pastor. Anna and her husband have one daughter, Alexandria (Allie), who is 7.


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One response to “Anna Launches Mayoral Campaign to Activate Tulsa’s Churches in Community’s Root Challenges

  1. Terra Stansell-Snyder

    Yes, another comment from me. I word w/ kids from broken homes. The statistic is very true. Thanks for what you do, Anna.

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