Anna’s Prepared Remarks At The Zoo Rally

Today we stand here on a balmy summer day in Tulsa, Ok – for some like my daughter it is the first day of school.  Thank you for being here.

 We hold these truths to be self evident that we were endowed by our Creator  …

It is as if this Truth is no longer self-evident –

Unless we line everything up to the way the Creator intended it to be – it will be broken.  We must declare today just as our forefathers did with the Declaration that our Creator had and has a plan before the foundation of this earth for you and me for such a time as this.

Over 200 years ago our forefathers were at a cross roads as they wrote the foundation document of our nation.  They were unable to agree upon the direction and old Ben Franklin stood to address the Constitutional Congress asking them to call upon their Creator and Divine Providence just as they did during the Revolutionary War; not forgetting Him as they designed what was to become one of the most powerful documents outside of scripture.  Prayer began that day prior to all meetings in order to move ahead according to the Creator’s plans so our nation will not be broken. 



What are we doing today to recognize the Creator and call upon Him to intervene in our city struggles? How are we to pursue the Creator’s plans for us – plans to prosper us and not to harm us?  Unless God’ s people come together in this city to under gird our leaders and our city in prayer – we will continue to decline as a community.  By rejecting the Creation exhibit at the zoo, God has been dishonored.  By placing the images of other gods and creation stories, excluding the Biblical account of Creation, the city has challenged the 1st Amendment that states that… Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …

 Is the city of Tulsa respecting one religion over another and prohibiting the free exercise thereof?

 Is there any coincidence that this is our 1st Amendment and Abraham Lincoln used the Declaration of Independence as a frame-work for interpreting the constitution?

 We wonder why Tulsa has nearly twice the national average for violent crimes or the police have been called over 9,000 times in the last 4 years to the Tulsa Public  Schools.  Where God is not honored at any level, we see the results of these decisions. 

 Some may ask why this issue during a Mayoral campaign?  And I say why not?  Any leader seeking to be in any office – public or private – must humble themselves and call upon the Lord first.  This is why this is the first stop on our public campaign.  Our city must restore the foundation of faith necessary to rebuilding wholeness in Tulsa by choosing board members who will honor God, love His creation, and care about this community by  restoring focus on faith and family. Specifically, I will look for board members who will not only prosper this zoo tremendously in attendance and improve this zoo’s condition and appearance, but we will also
look for people who want to characterize the origins of both man and animals in a way that honors the Judeo- Christian science that proves God as creator

Unless we find ways to engage the church back into public policy decisions we will be lost as a city, state and nation. 

 We must do this in order that our streets are safer, budgets are balanced, land use and infrastructure are determined wisely for all of Tulsa so that we all have a shot at the ‘pursuit of happiness’. 

 Now more than ever we must call upon our Heavenly creator and His Church to intervene in our city struggles ahead. The first way we can do this is by humbling asking the city to accept this beautiful rendering of the Creation story from our faith tradition as an act of thanks for the grand design God has had for you and I since the foundation of the earth.  You were all created for such a time as this – will you stand for truth today?  I choose this day to stand for Truth no matter the cost, my reputation, my life and my fortune – all $27.50 of it.  We can no longer remain silent.

 Unless the churches of Tulsa are brought into City Hall to begin to address our community’s greatest ills – the City of Tulsa will go bankrupt, spiritually, morally and financially. 

 Jesus has given us so much and yet we turn our back on Him daily in this city.

Today we are announcing that God will be glorified in this City.  He shall not be shunned.

Upon our election, we hereby commit to honoring Him in all ways that He has been dishonored.

I want to thank Dan Hicks, his family and his tireless volunteers who were ridiculed for their faith in God and their consistent science that says God is not a liar, but is a true and Holy God.

I look forward to seeing this display and many more like it in the future of this soon to be much greater zoo.

You may go to and sign the petition today in our comment section saying you want God’s creation to be promoted with truth and historical accuracy according to His Word and consistent science that demonstrates that over the history of time, He is always proved to be true.



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10 responses to “Anna’s Prepared Remarks At The Zoo Rally

  1. Michael

    Sorry Anna but the biblical account of creation contradicts everything we know about biology, geology astronomy, genetics and other fields of science. God chose evolution as the mechanism to bring about us as well as every other living thing on Earth. Even the Catholic church accepts evolution so your faith and evolution are conpatable which each other.

    • Steve Searle

      The issue here for me Michael is not whether the Biblical creation story contradicts science (I do not believe that it does) but why has it been barred from being shown? If the zoo will accept and display a statue of the god ganesha, then why is it so wrong do display a christian viewpoint?

  2. bj777heaven

    “Unless we find ways to engage the church back into public policy decisions we will be lost as a city, state and nation. ”

    You’re right! It saddens me to see that our nation is becoming more secular and is showing increasing respect and tolerance towards “evil religions”. What we need is a hot injection of Christianity into our public policy. I think America has finally had enough of religious freedom — That was for the old days when we were forced to be Catholics (yuck!). So lets start listening to God on public policy. After all, he is omniscient. How could we go wrong?

  3. wow

    So… Tulsa has high levels of crime… so the solution is to appease God with this?

    If Tulsa experiences a drought are you going to start dancing around a fire praying to the rain god?

    Sorry lady, you’re not a scientist. If you want to pretend evolution is wrong (I’m not a Christian but most Christians do accept evolution, get with the times), then do it at a church or something. You know, somewhere where that would make sense. I don’t expect anything but facts at a zoo though.

    • Steve Searle

      Is the Hindu god ganehsa fact? I do not believe so, yet it is on display. So why can’t my viewpoint (Chrisitanity) be represented as well?

      • wow

        No, and frankly I don’t understand why a Hindu fairy tale is being represented there. It’s a zoo, not a religion park. Get all of that nonsense out of there.

  4. Anna L.

    Anna,I do support having the Creation Display at the Tulsa Zoo.After all ,God is the Creator.

  5. James

    I agree with Steve Searle, the hindu statue shouldn’t be on display at the zoo, but neither should any creationism nonsense. If you want to put a christian display on a publicly funded zoo then you need to be open to EVERY religion that wants to put its creation myths up. Your magical guy in the sky isn’t any better or worse than the hindus.

    Also, when you said “the next mayor needs to appoint people to city boards, authorities and commissions who will “honor God.” That sounds a lot like a religious test. I’d suggest, Anna Falling that you read Article VI, section 3 of the US constitution.

  6. Bubba Tulsa


    The statue at the zoo is a representaton of the love for a particular animal, even up to seeing it as a god. It is not, nor is it intended to be, an affirmation of any particular religion.

  7. Laochtine

    Wow, just another reason to fly over Oklahoma.
    Y’all get 1.36 for every dollar you send to Washington, maybe you should spend it on education? The 21st century is a callin’

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