Media Coverage Of Anna’s Zoo Rally

Below are some links to media coverage of Anna’s press conference at the zoo yesterday.

Tulsa World


KRMG News Talk Radio

KJRH-2 (This includes coverage of the Republican Women’s Luncheon, where several mayorial candidates spoke, as well as comments from Anna about the zoo display)

Fox News (National)



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2 responses to “Media Coverage Of Anna’s Zoo Rally

  1. Chase Garrett

    Anna, I support you in your quest for mayor and your drive for a creationist (truth) exhibit. I read about you on Fox news. I am out of Tulsa and on the east side of Oklahoma, but wish you well. Best wishes, Chase Garrett

  2. Dear Ms. Falling:
    I applaud you for your courage and convition in standing up for God ! We, THE MAJORITY in this country believe in God (in one form or other).

    The very fact that you have taken a stand for God shows that you’re not just “another gutless and/or scheming politician – as most are”. Most of your counterparts are too cowardly to speak up as you do. YOU ARE A “TRUE” LEADER” and Tulsa will be “lucky indeed” to have you as Mayor.

    It’s time to BREAK the hold that a “small” handful of atheists have on the news and politics.

    America BELIEVES IN GOD. Atheists and/or socialists — get it through your head that the “silent majority” is silent no more.

    By the way, have you noticed how absurd it is that these people call themselves “liberals”, but expect
    the 80% church-going majority to agree with them? Look what the socialist media and “liberal extremists fanatics” have done to Ms. Palin.

    The liberals have shown their true meanness when (with “their” media’s help) they started to use obscene material and filthy language to bring down the most awesome Vice-President this nation could have had. They may yet do the same to you. DON’T GIVE UP.. or “they” will win – again. Our country cannot afford it.

    Please, hang in there. Let’s not forget that this country was founded by a bunch of people who “deeply believed in God”. They formed this country’s constitution with God at the center.

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