Thank You

Wow!  What a great turn-out for the Zoo Rally yesterday despite the heat. Thank you for coming; thank you for not being deterred to stand for Truth.

The zoo is just one example where God has been dishonored. We have all observed other areas in our city where He is dishonored as well. Why is it we have no problem allowing in anything and everything except God?

I want to thank my supporters for your willingness to speak and stand for what you believe in.  I was humbled by your presence and look forward to a new day in Tulsa where we return to the roots of our nation and city’s foundation.

Without God, our great city will continue to experience nearly twice the national average in violent crime. We will continue to see police intervene in our schools to the tune of 9,000 incidents over the last 4 years.  We have all witnessed what happens in our cities when God is rejected.

Unless God builds our house it will be in vain. No amount of street repair, police on the streets and bigger, fancier buildings will change the heart of the people.  Unless we call upon God, our land will not be healed.

I stand firm on Seeking First God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness and then, all these things will be added .  Our City and our Nation is at a crossroads. We must decide where our help will come from.

As the comments posted throughout the site today suggest, there are many view points on this issue. Yet we will not be deterred for putting God first in all things. And yes, that means before streets and crime and budgets; because if we don’t put God first, then nothing else matters. Without God, nothing will be “fixed.” .

Thank you again for your prayers as we proceed to bring God back to our seat of government. As George Washington stated on Feb. 22, 1732, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible”

Update: Editor’s note: We would like to thank the dozens of commentors who pointed out the error concerning the date regarding George Washington’s statement. As they so kindly noted, Washington was born on that date, so it would be rather difficult for him to make such a statement. The error was due to transposing some dates in a final draft, and we apologize.



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6 responses to “Thank You

  1. Blake

    There is no record of such a statement ever having been made by Washington. The man himself was personally a Deist, but, like many of the founding fathers, not a Christian, and knew the importance of secular government.

  2. What

    As a Christian, I am humiliated by your inability to understand the very foundations that this nation was formed upon. You should be ashamed. Also, I like how you preach the constitution while censoring the comments on your blog. You stay classy, Anna.

  3. 123

    A truely backward step. A good mayor is a representative of the WHOLE community, an administrator that obides by the constitutionally protected seperation of church and state and also a forward looking leader who seeks to develop rather than retard the community. Anna Falling, you are none of these things and therefore should not be mayor.

  4. Not dumb

    That’s funny. I thought that George Washington was born on February 22 1732.

  5. “That’s funny. I thought that George Washington was born on February 22 1732.”
    Well that just proves the wonder of God!
    And yet when we try to get this taught in history classes WE get called crazy!

  6. Tired Sigh

    Wow. Someone beat me to it. Washington was born on February 22, 1732, so I find it pretty amazing that he managed to say that! Actually, there’s no record of him saying that at all, newborn or otherwise, but nice try.

    Ms. Falling, the zoo is an excellent example of the fruits of creation all under one roof (or in one pen, if you will). Come and marvel at them without shoving your dogma down other people’s throats. They’re there for an educational experience and exposure to nature, not Sunday School.

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