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18 responses to “Contact

  1. Anna L.

    Anna,I support you concerning the Creation Display at the zoo.Anna L.

  2. Frank L

    Anna, I’m supporting anyone but you. Your ideas on the Creation Display are out dated and incorrect.

    Trying to force your religious beliefs into a place of scientific learning is wrong and offensive.

    I hope you will seriously reconsider your folly and maybe treat yourself (and family) by (re)watching Inherit the Wind. Your argument failed all those years ago, and will fail again.

  3. James

    Anna, your zoo remarks are proof that you are unqualified to run for office.

    Let’s start off with this line – “Any leader seeking to be in any office – public or private – must humble themselves and call upon the Lord first.”

    No, they must not. The founding fathers specifically said no religious test or oath would be required for holding office. It’s in Article VI, section 3, of the Constitution, which is the law of the land, not the Bible.

    Secondly, there is no such thing as “Judeo-Christian Science.” There is science. Science requires observation, testing, experimentation, independent verification of the results, etc. to reach a conclusion. In “Judeo-Christian Science,” the conclusion will always be, “God did it,” so… no experiment necessary, I guess! That will make science classes a lot easier.

    Third, this is not a Christian nation. We have freedom of religion here. That means, a Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, etc. has the exact same rights as a Christian. If you don’t want teachers leading your kid in a prayer to Allah, Buddha, Quetzalcoatl, etc., then non-Christians have a right to keep you from making teachers lead their kids in a prayer to Jesus.

    Therefore, if you insist on putting a non-scientific exhibit dedicated to a Christian viewpoint on how the world was created, then every religious group has that right. I for one will go to court insisting that there be one showing the ancient Aztec viewpoint on how humans came from corn irrigated by the blood of gods.

    I hope you enjoy visiting that one.

  4. ukchris

    “‘Unless we find ways to engage the Church back into public policy decisions we will be lost as a city, state and nation,’ said Anna Falling.”

    Seeing how you are running for public office and not a position that simply services Xtians only, it might serve you better if you, I don’t know, actually read up on that whole separation of church and state topic. It might shine some light on why your approach is:

    A. bigoted and elitist and
    B. misguided
    C. Child-like

    If you honestly think church is the way to better this country — something the last election results COMPLETELY disagreed with you on… In other words, keep your antiquated/I-don’t-want-to-learn-anything-other-than-what-the-Bible-says beliefs to yourself — perhaps you should consider employment there instead.

    I’m not sure if a person who’s best response is about the complexities of life and universe is “because God made it” is fit for public office.

    Take care.

  5. Chuck

    Wow, nothing like using G-d and religion to further your political ambitions. Disgraceful.

    Matthew 6:6
    “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

    He was telling us NOT to be parading our faith in the public arena Anna. Maybe you should spend more time reading your bible and UNDERSTANDING it and less time forcing our faith on others?

  6. FSM

    Installing a creationist exhibit in a public zoo is just about the most idiotic idea I have ever seen — next to a candidate for public office using religion to get elected, of course. Creationism has absolutely no basis in scientific fact, and it has no place in a public zoo, let alone a public school.

    Aren’t there more substantive issues in Tulsa that need the mayor’s attention? Even if I were a devout Christian, I would be offended by your effort to pander for votes.

  7. Steve Searle

    Chuck, ukchris, James, and Frank L…why all the hate? If you don’t agree with her then don’t vote for her! It’s as simple as that. We are adults and as such we should not lower ourselves to the child like behavior of name calling. If you want to debate then let’s debate, but leave the flames at home.

  8. You know, there are OTHER groups besides Christians in your city.

    What do you plan to do about them?

    What happens when you find out that there are *gasp* ATHEISTS in your city who will NOT agree with any of your faith-based policies?

    God doesn’t work for everyone.

  9. JamesT

    YOU ARE NOT A SCIENTIST. Evolution is an established fact in the scientific community. It is as important to science as calculus is for math.

    Go learn something before spewing religious nonsense. GET OUT OF THE WAY OF REAL SCIENTISTS.

  10. James

    Steve, the only name-calling I’m seeing is in ukchris’, but he uses it to make good points. I’m also not seeing the hatred. In fact, I’ll go ahead and toot my own horn that my response, whether you agree with it or not, was at least argued rationally.

    I quoted an important historical fact that Anna, a history major, apparently never learned about how our country works, gave a very simplified contrast between real science and what Anna thinks is science, and offered up a scenario that Christian parents would not like in order for them to understand what it’s like when the roles are reversed. All of this eventually lead to my imagining of possible Constitutional confrontations in her plans for the zoo. While my point about science doesn’t support my opening statement, the historical fact and the scenario given does indicate she lacks understanding of the true bedrock the country’s laws were built on (and it’s not the Bible).

    All of these are, of course, open to debating (as you suggested), but you were apparently unable to do so, preferring instead an easier method of calling anyone who disagrees with her (and presumably you) haters and childish.

    I wonder if that strategy will be a successful one.

  11. For all you people who are griping abouts Annas beliefs,if you don’t like what she stands for,turn the channel.She hasn’t critized your beliefs,she dosen’t pick on you,why do you get upset with her. Truth is this city prospered for years under the blessing of GOD and the teachings of God that flowed out of this city.Cities, states and countries have been affected by the people who were in this city,proclaiming the things of god and christianity.Now that those men are no longer here,your crime rate has increased,murders have increased,your mental facilities have doubled,divorce has torn so many families apart. Maybe it’s time we come togethere once again,and get back to the basics of helping our neighbors and the people of this city that represent our communties. Annas record proves shes trying to help the people of this city. What have you done lately to help bring a change? And if there are no men who will stand up God running for office,maybe we should vote for a woman who will fall on her face and cry out to god,and ask God to bless our city once again…

  12. James

    Jeff, the main belief I’m criticizing of hers is her apparent belief that she has the right to foist hers on everyone. If she wants to pray to God, Odin, or throw chicken bones to peer into the future before every decision she makes, that is her right. However, constitutionally, she has no right to use her office to promote those beliefs on us.

    As for your claims about places prospering when they proclaim the things of God and Christianity, no place does that more than the conservative, Christian south, and according to conservative churches’ own studies, the rates of out of wedlock births, living together before marriage, viewing of pornography, etc. by their parishioners all outstrip the same rates in the “godless, liberal” northern states. Our own good Christian Senator Coburn advised (in his role as a member of a D.C. men’s Christian group) a fellow conservative Christian senator to pay off the family of a woman he was having an affair with to hush it up so the philandering senator could apparently suffer no political repercussions.

    Being a super-Christian does not automatically make one a good leader, but declaring plans of what to do if elected that are unconstitutional is a mark of a bad one. If Anna had declared a plan to take away everyone’s guns if elected OR even declared that she would work to put up a zoo exhibit depicting the Muslim concept of the beginning of mankind, you would be crying foul over the unconstitutionality of it. Because her religious beliefs apparently jibe with yours though, it’s no harm, no foul.

  13. Skip

    People like you are killing the GOP, Anna. Why don’t you and Huckabee go form the Jesus Party or something, so Republicans can get back to winning elections. Get out of my party.

    Any Republican but Anna for Tulsa.

  14. Wee Willie

    If you are running for office, keep your superstitious belief in a supernatural invisible man in the sky to yourself. Otherwise you are alienating all the free thinking intellectuals.

  15. Claudio I

    “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    It is not complicated. No state sponsoring of religion.

  16. I will not come here and criticize Anna’s beliefs. I do not agree with them at all but everyone is entitled to believe what they want. I will say that if a person enters a position of public office and they make policy decisions based on their religion that they are making a terrible mistake.

    I do respect Anna and the people who run this site for allowing the open expression of ideas from the commentors. At least they don’t delete the comments of everyone who disagrees with them like some sites do.

    I respect your beliefs Anna but if I weren’t an atheist I would be praying that you don’t get elected.

  17. Sam R.

    Jesus said for us to walk in love. By reading the majority of these comments, I see that we are failing miserably. Without a belief in God, all hope is gone. You got my vote Anna.

  18. Anna I was very excited, when I started researching canidates for major to find your website. For a long time in this country it has been okay to have beliefs of anything but Christianity. When I went to AA it was okay to have a chair as our higher power but if you said Jesus was our higher power it was not okay.
    It takes guts to stand up for what you believe and running for an office at theses times and I like that guts.
    If many of the people who are so critical of your stand on creation would do some real research they would find out that Darwin changed his mind on his theory and that it has many holes in it. That is when you are looking for facts and not just hearsay.
    Many scientists who doubted the valitity of the Word and its facts have decided to believe when investigating those Scriptures with sciencific research and not just casual evaluation.
    There are many books written on the subject for those interested in proving us all wrong with something besides words.
    I used to have lots of opinions and critisms myself and one day I stopped and said what I now know is a prayer. Okay God I will open my mind but you will have to prove this stuff to me. I don’t believe Jesus is the son of God or the Bible the inpired Word but you being the creator of the universe can prove it to me if it is true. He did and I do. will follow

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