Thank you for your interest in helping elect Anna as Tulsa’s Mayor so we can transform Tulsa together.

We believe that responsible government starts with a responsible campaign. So you will  not see us spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to win this election. Elections should be about the people, not about a bank account.

We believe it is important during this economic downturn that we all learn how to do more with less. We look forward to finding creative solutions that do not cost a lot of money to transform Tulsa.

We welcome your time, money, offers of service and other in-kind donations.

Please contact our office at 918-740-4155 to see how you can help Anna win the mayoral seat.


One response to “Donate

  1. Calvin

    The current and previous mayors have all been (very) wealthy and spent an obscene amount of personal money seeking this office. The current mayor even boasted of spending 1.2 million dollars of her own money on the campaign. Continuing the obscenity of campaign expense, the oil family heir has pledged to spend three quarters of a million dollars of his pocket change to wow the voters. What is your plan to spend and get your message to the rest of Tulsa? I’ve heard it said that you’re personally going to spend your entire $27.50 plus whatever is contributed by like-minded Tulsa citizens. That sounds like a very common sensical but shoestring kind of campaign to me so please accept my matching contribution of $27.50 and enlist me as a “Shoestring Soldier” in “Anna’s Army” for Tulsa Mayor.

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