We are running a Christ-centered campaign, one where prayer plays an intricate part.

We ask for your prayer support; but we are also here for you.

If you have a prayer request, please contact our office at 918-740-4155 and let us pray for you.


3 responses to “Prayer

  1. Rebecca Cornacchia

    I sure am praying for God’s grace and mercy in your life and in the lives of your family and supporters.

    We pray for godly men and women to lead our country. Thank you for stepping into the gap to be an example!

    I will follow you more closely.

    Rebecca Cornacchia
    2525 Whitt Road
    Kingsville, MD 21087

  2. Terra Stansell-Snyder

    I knew you and your husband in 1997. I have followed you in the community throughout the years and I am certainly praying that God exalts you, a godly individual to public office that we may “live a quiet and peaceable life”. I live in BA w/ my husband, so I will not be able to vote in the upcoming election, however, I am certainly praying for you! The fruit of your life is lucious!

  3. doug

    I praise your openness about faith and christianity. in today’s politics, most people know to keep their religion to themselves but you have bravely stepped forward beyond that line. It makes it clear to us heathens that you will run your administration in a way that is friendly only to those of similar faith as christianity is unfriendly to outsiders.

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