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Anna Hosts News Conference To Discuss Core Challenges Facing Tulsa

Taking what she has done for nearly a decade and a half – equipping churches to transform lives from poverty to purpose – Anna Falling will announce her intention tomorrow to take that vision to the City of Tulsa to combat problems that have plagued the core of Tulsa for decades.

Saying that it is no longer an option, Anna Falling will communicate that a change must take place to empower the churches of this city, along with other community organizations, to overcome issues that have resulted in greater crime rates, higher government costs, and band-aid decisions that have exasperated problems even worse decade by decade.  The City’s budget can no longer sustain the problems of this city and the people’s remaining wellness cannot continue without a foundational core change in the way our issues are addressed.  The City of Tulsa must facilitate congregations of this community to play an official and significant role in transforming our underlying social ills.


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