Why Anna?

Dear Voters:

By now you have likely seen that I have stepped out to run to become Tulsa’s next Mayor.  We believe that we are the candidate to beat for campaign experience and issue strength.

No other candidate thus far has offered significant solutions to Tulsa’s budget crisis.  My strength is the solution that I can bring to the table that no other candidate can: mobilizing the churches of Tulsa to transform the biggest cause of Tulsa’s economic woes – the broken lives that cause broken budgets: crime, unemploymen,t drop-out rates, run-down neighborhoods and poverty that all cost city tax payers and the city budget dearly.

And for the first time in our city’s history, broken homes are starting to out-number stable, traditional homes. This is setting up the next generation for even greater challenges and for the city budget, even greater costs.

The church is the only largely untapped sector that has the magnitude and the fortitude to transform the lives of the children, women and men whose struggles are costing us extra police, jail cells, park staff, neighborhood slum clean-up, drug task forces and city courts.

Since founding Cornerstone Assistance Network in 1996, we have equipped more than 370 churches and ministries to make over 161,000 life impacts.  Imagine what we could do if the city’s agencies had the partnership of the churches of this community to help make a relevant transformational difference in the reversal of broken lives.  We would see plummeting crime and poverty rates and significantly less government and the resulting budget impact would be a mighty witness to God’s kingdom.

Please join with me on this campaign so we can restore wholeness to Tulsa and end the brokenness that has become so prevalent and costly.

You may give financially, volunteer, join the prayer team or all of the above. Go to annafalling.com to make your commitment and learn more about our solutions.

Let’s tranform Tulsa together!


One response to “Why Anna?

  1. Steven Copley

    Someone who thinks that there should be a creation exhibit at a public zoo should not be in public office, let alone the mayor’s office.

    What this city needs is someone with the capacity to fight corruption and stop spending money on stupid projects that benefit only a few citizens.

    You don’t seem to be that person if your solution to problems is more interaction with churches and appointing religious people to office. That’s a direct violation of the Constitution.

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